Cold applied petrolatum tape in accordance with  DIN 30672 and DIN EN 12068 (stress class A-30) for corrosion protection wrapping of buried and immersed pipelines, pipeline components (e.g. valve housings, flange joints, branches as per DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas-und Wasserfachs e.V. - German Association for the Gas and Water Industries) Worksheet  463) and other metallic structures at operating temperatures of up to 30°C.

DENSOPLAST® Tape consists of an impregnated chemical fiber carrier fleece, coated on both sides with an anti-corrosion petrolatum mastic. In addition, it has a PP film laminated on one side that prevents the protective mastic being worn away by rising and falling ground water.

The plastic compound of the  DENSOPLAST®-Tape completely moistens the surfaces to be protected . The coating is practically impermeable to water vapor and oxygen. Metal surfaces are reliably protected from corrosion.

Three-layer wrapping with DENSOPLAST®-Tape corresponds to stress class A-30 according to DIN 30672 and DIN EN 12068. DIN-DVGW-reg.-no. NG-5180AO0703

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