Permanently plastic corrosion protection mastics on a petrolatum base for molten pressure injection into anchor systems and tensioning cables.

DENSO®-JET- ,DENSO®-FILL- and DENSO®-CORD mastics are permanently plastic, meltable petrolatum-based corrosion protection mastics characterized by

·   being non-saponifiable

·   high resistance to ground water and alkaline lye

·   very high adhesion to firm surfaces

·   good resistance to oil migration

·   very low contraction of volume when cooling

·   very low melt viscosity (DENSO®-CORD)

DENSO®-JET and DENSO®-FILL have been specially designed for melted pressure injection into cavities in anchorage systems.

DENSO®-CORD mastic is for the melted filling of individually encased wire strands using special apparatus. DENSO-CORD is injected at the same time as the wires are cased and contains special lubricants for this purpose, meaning that at low speeds the wire can be fed into the casing  to create working lengths of up to 50 m.

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